“Bring Them To Jesus” (Matthew 14:17-20, NEB) by Carley Evans

‎” ‘All we have here’, they say, ‘is five loaves and two fishes.’ ‘Let Me have them’, He replies. So He tells the people to sit down on the grass; then, taking the five loaves and the two fishes, He looks up to heaven, says the blessing, breaks the loaves, and gives them to the disciples; and the disciples give them to the people.”


Jesus tells His disciples not to send the hungry people away; instead He commands them to feed the five thousand men not to mention their women and children who are scattered along the hillside. Jesus tells the men “to sit down on the grass.” He says, “Take a seat, relax. We’re going to make sure you all have something to eat, and even more than you need.” Can’t you just see the smile in Jesus’ eyes as He says this to the crowd?


The disciples are incredulous. “We’ve only got this little bit of food. This is not even enough for us! And you want to share it with all these people? No way, Lord.” Can’t you just hear the whine, the anxiety in their voices as they say this to Jesus? What He is asking of them is just too much!

Jesus’ response is: “Bring them to Me.” He tells the disciples to give over what they have to Him. “I’ll take care of the hard part,” He says.


Then He prays over the five loaves, breaks them into pieces, gives the pieces of bread to His disciples who scrounge about for enough baskets to hold all the bread Jesus continues to hand back to them.


The little we give to Jesus comes back to us in ever abundant amounts. Not only do we gain what we need, we gain more than we need. [And for leaders, that which they give to Jesus He asks them to give back to those they shepherd. And everyone will have more than enough!]

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