“Trust The God Of Hope” ( Romans 15: 13, NIV ) by Carley Evans

Through His Holy Spirit, God “gives endurance and encouragement.” (Romans 15:5) “The God of hope fills [us] with all joy and peace as [we] trust in Him.” (Romans 15:13) “[We] overflow with hope.” (Romans 15:13) “To the [people] who do not work but trust God who justifies the wicked, [our] faith is credited as righteousness.” (Romans 4:5) “Therefore, [we] glory in Christ Jesus in [our] service to God. [We] do not venture to speak of anything except what Christ accomplishes through [us] in leading [others] to obey God by what [we] say and do — through the power of the Spirit.” (Romans 15:17-19)

Notice we begin with God and end with Him as well — His Holy Spirit encourages us and enables us to endure; giving us hope, joy and peace. We find our glory in Jesus Christ and our power through His Holy Spirit. “Since we are now justified by His blood, how much more are we saved from God’s wrath through Him!” (Romans 5:9)

So, continue to trust God. Through trust in Him, we overflow with hope.

2 thoughts on ““Trust The God Of Hope” ( Romans 15: 13, NIV ) by Carley Evans

  1. Heavenly Father I recognize more and more with each passing day that the only way I may live a life filled with hope in the world today is through the power of Your Holy Spirit! The one thing that separates me from the despair of the world is Your presence in my life through the Holy Spirit. Fill me anew right now that my life may not only be filled with hope but that I may be a bearer of hope for others. Help me to see those around me who are moving toward despair and show me the ways that I may offer hope through a word an action a prayer. Use me in whatever ways You will today that the power of Your Holy Spirit will be evident to others in and through me. This I pray in the strong name of Jesus Christ my risen Savior and Lord. Amen.. Any success we are ever to have in putting others first or in living as followers of Jesus will follow a trail of faith! If we don t believe in God—truly believe in Him then we cannot expect that our prayers will be answered that we will know peace hope or happiness nor that we will experience the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Belief in God is the basic prerequisite for living the victorious life that the Apostle Paul promises those of us who live in Jesus Christ will know. Belief in God as the Apostle Paul uses it here is not a vague general belief in some distant and nebulous god but a clear specific and experiential belief in the one true and living God! As we trust more and more in God in the name of Jesus we will know the peace that passes all human understanding that comes only through Him. We will also experience hope in our lives in ways that we never thought possible. Remember hope is not wishful thinking. Wishful thinking rests on our own desires what we would like to happen or what we dream will happen but hope rests on God. Hope is the assurance that God s promises are true and that God s word is good. If we are to live a life of putting others first we can be sure of something we will be hurt. Others will take advantage of us sometimes and when they do our hope in Jesus Christ and not in human nature or anything else will allow us to persevere. It isn t easy to maintain hope in our world today. Life is filled with disillusioning people and experience. That s why God is the only one in whom we can place our trust the only one who does not let us down. As we go about our day today let s start by BELIEVING in God! That may seem obvious.

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