“Seek Wisdom” ( Luke 8: 18, ESV) by Carley Evans

Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away. (Luke 8:18,ESV)

What is it that we have? Knowledge? Power? Wealth? Wisdom? God often speaks to us of seeking and gaining wisdom and understanding. He never exhorts us to desire power or wealth. Rather, the more of wisdom we have, says Jesus, the more we are given!

God warns against the ways of the foolish repeatedly through His Word. The foolish often believe what they own is of great value and they struggle after personal wealth and professional power almost incessantly. Jesus says what they imagine they possess will not endure — rather it will be taken away.

James exhorts us to ask for the wisdom we may lack; if we ask in faith God is faithful to provide understanding.

Therefore, take care how you hear!


20 thoughts on ““Seek Wisdom” ( Luke 8: 18, ESV) by Carley Evans

  1. I like the ESV (and others) rendering “think they have.” Just another subtle note to realize we bring nothing into this world, and we’ll… (I also like your take, “imagine.”)

    Rather, seek those things that will endure the moths, rust, and thieves. Great words to remember, Carley. God bless.

  2. Hi Carley I saw your post on Sam’s Blog it seems this person has Cultish views but I appreciated what you shared.

    A good way to test the spirit is to ask if they believe in The Godhead or Trinity as they are called today 3 in one, only The Holy Spirit can confess this to be True. I sometimes also ask them if they believe in Sinless perfection because the way they understand it is false, it’s all about working for your Salvation but we know in Christ Jesus it is a free gift this is why we must be very careful of counterfeit Theology it sounds ok until you test the spirit by Scripture.

    I’m pleased to see you sharing God’s Truth Carley even if rejected, good seeds have been planted and God does ask us to contend with Him in sharing the full Gospel.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. Carley why is it always a conflict with you, it seems you can’t accept encouragement either not just correction.

    You have posted on Sam’s Blog a few times perhaps you need to check out some of his responses.

    It also seems you are unaware that God tells us as Christians to rebuke, correct false teaching and warn when others are in danger, we can’t do this unless we judge they are in error but it is by God’s Truth not our own agenda we do this and we are not to judge others weaknesses and shortcomings, and when ever we Rebuke, correct etc even if it is strongly and to the point, it is still to be motivated by Love.

    Jesus called the Pharisees a brood of vipers but it was because He Loved them and was grieved because of their hard hearts.

    Christian Love Anne.

  4. Carley regardless of what a person says, God tells us to test their spirit, as I explained Sam says one thing then changes his mind, this shows Cultish behaviour, I have worked in Ministry with Cults and know their agenda God tells us not to let them into our homes and a Blog is like a Home… it’s your choice but be very careful you may end up very deceived and others too.

    Sam’s response below to me when I asked him about the Godhead or Trinity as They are called today meaning 3 in One …

    Thank you for your question madam. I am not sure am exactly clear on your question, however, I feel as though too much emphasis being laid on the this “trinity” stuff.

    I do not see the fuss.

    Take Care Carley – Christian Love Anne.

  5. Anne,
    All I said was I did not know to whom you are referring. Also, for me to judge someone I don’t know or of whom I am not sure you are talking about is unfair. That’s not a conflict I don’t think — that’s just the truth.
    Anyway, God bless.

  6. I will not go there Carley…. check the Scriptures yourself, we test the spirit of false teachers by what they say or teach , we are not to seek to know them personally meaning to be unequally yoked with them .

    You called him Sam that is not what he calls himself check your other topic you know who I’m referring to. The words he used were my words to him on his blog be careful what you are taking on board Carley.

    Kind Regards Anne

    1. Anne,
      If you are speaking of the person I think you are, then you need to consider that this individual is a ‘babe-in-Christ’ and is seeking understanding. Hence, his many thought-provoking questions.
      Guidance, not criticism, may be called for — perhaps.
      In Jesus, Carley

  7. If he is a babe in Christ Carley as you say, then you should have corrected him and not allowed him to be he in a position to influence others if he does not know the basics of God’s Truth himself the Scriptuers tell us this.

    The Scriptures also tell us that without belief in the Trinity your not a Christian, at conversion The Holy Spirit convicts of this Truth it’s part of believing in Jesus’ Name. you may not be able to express it but you won’t reject it as Truth.

    I notice Sam has been teaching error since last year, why have you allowed him to continue to do this ?, don’t you care that he is believing and teaching error, sorry it is even worse then I first thought to be deceived is bad enough but to allow someone to continue to be and to let him deceive others is very wrong.

    I rebuke you Carley in the name of the Lord for encouraging this deception, to continue, to know something is evil or wrong and to look the other way the Scriptures tell us is as bad as doing it ourselves. If you agree with evil you will one day do it, or are you also a babe in Christ and if so why are you teaching? who is your Authority? and who anointed you to do so, The Holy Spirit does not agree to or does He teach error or does He contredict rhe written inspired word of God.

    Christian Love Anne.

    1. You know Anne – you can rebuke me all you want. I just now met this person – like maybe two weeks ago. I’ve answered one of his questions — only one. I’ve not read anything by him at all beyond that one question, so… how could I possibly correct error I’ve NEVER read?!
      Get real.
      Perhaps you should rebuke him? If you feel called to that, do it. Leave me out of it.

  8. I apologise Carley, I did mistake the date as being last year not this year I had a fall recently and have had problems with my eyesight ever since or I may just have read it wrongly, but I also think the confusion came when you corrected me about the Trinity before, as not being 3 in one, this concerned me but perhaps you could explain why you feel this is True.

    Also in the first place you said you didn’t know Sam but you had posted a few replies to him, or did I get this wrong also but I did check and they are there but then we can all make mistakes or forget things.

    Take Care Christian Love Anne.

    1. I accept your apology of course! And I believe in the Triune God – three persons in One and only One God. God bless! I still am not sure who you talking about —

  9. Hi Carly, thank you for your forgiveness, I’m awake again, perhaps I need to do shift work. It is sad that Sam is not under someone’s Authority so he can seek God’s wisdom, baby Christians or the immature can be lead down the wrong path and having a Blog increases this danger, not just for children but Adults too, some use other peoples Blogs to spread their lies or to promote their merchandise, a friend of mine had someone on hers who was linked to pornography she was shocked when I exposed them. When we are mature we can recognise deception until then we may think we are sharing with a sweet old lady or young girl but it’s not so and we can be lead into all types of evil. I was sharing with a woman? yesterday, she sounded very mature but when asked about the Trinity she attacked me and deleted my posts, they themselves don’t understand the things of God but they use other peoples words mixed with their own lies and they may even play the blogging game and seek to attract others to their blog by saying what they want to hear. What we need to discern is what is Truth and what are lies.

    When it comes to knowing the things of God then we first need to know His true Nature and we can only do this by the empowering of the Holy Spirit but if we are believing deception we are without His understanding and empowering ( I keep a copy of everything I post that is how I knew I had got the date wrong with your post, I will look back and try and find our conversation about The Godhead.) The Devil seeks to keep us deceived so we have no power or freedom as I said to Sam after he asked me to contact him privately…

    Hi notsamson, I would be happy to continue to reason with you by email because unless you see the importance of the Godhead or Trinity as They are called today 3 in One, you can’t know the True Nature of God. I’m also pleased you Love and grieve for these Christians that are deceived. ( I have now tested Sam’s spirit as God asks us to do. )

    Be in touch soon – Christian Love Anne.

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