WordPress Stat Feature Addendum

A just discovered stat feature: check this out!

Addendum: Okay, okay — I realize that YOU OUT THERE can’t see my stats!

But, you can see your own — right? Right.


Look at today’s posts — the ones which were visited. Beside each post title is a little orange circle (I’m doing this from memory) — or the little stats’ chart image — click on it. Behold, individual post stats show up all the way back to whenever you first published that post.

Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks WordPress!

11 thoughts on “WordPress Stat Feature Addendum

  1. Let me know if you are unable to “view” this post. I just realized you might have to be logged in as “me” to see it. Just wondering. Thanks, everyone, anyone.

      1. Oh that’s too bad. Check it out though on your own blog. On your stats page, there’s a little marker beside each individual post viewed that day. If you click it, it brings up a chart showing all the views of that post since you published it. Rather cool to see!

  2. The link to stats is proprietary, sister. Only you and WP can see your stats. They did begin something at the end of December to allow you to make public your stats for the year previous, which was kind of neat. I posted it on my blog, http://justificationbygrace.com/2011/12/31/2011-in-review/ and linked the complete stat profile, which it provided, http://justificationbygrace.com/2011/annual-report/

    Judging from the content you’ve been posting daily, I’m expecting that your 2012 stats will far exceed what mine has brought in 2011. A praise to Christ that he is using the truth through your blog, whereas Satan is using the Internet in so many ways.

    May the Lord Jesus continue to bless and keep you, sister.

    1. Jon,

      Yes, I realized almost immediately after I posted this that no one could see my example. However, as I commented to Susie; you can try it out yourself.
      Just go to your own dashboard — on each visited post, there is a little orange star like symbol. Click on it, and behold — individual post stats for as long as that post has been published. Pretty cool to see!

      Also, THANK YOU for your kind encouragement. I really appreciate it and your readership.
      Please continue to visit and comment.
      To GOD be the glory!


    1. Okay okay — it is actually the little CHART image you click on — that little orange star was obviously a glitch of some kind that made me wonder… and lo and behold… discover the page of individual post stats… Hmm…

      1. Oh my — now the image to click on looks like a magnifying glass with a little + sign inside it… at any rate, it’s an IMAGE of some kind at the end of the title of the post. If you click on it, it takes you to a stat page for THAT INDIVIDUAL POST… ugh.

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